Java Fern

Java Fern (Microsorum Pteropus)

Anubias barteri var. nana 'Snow White'

Anubias barteri var. nana 'Snow White'

Microsorum Pteropus Green Gnome(Dwarf Java fern)

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Microsorum Pteropus Green Gnome(Dwarf Java fern)
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Overview: Microsorum Pteropus 'Green Gnome' is popularly known as Dwarf Java Fern. It is a versatile aquatic plant, easy to maintain, and compatible with most aquarium fish; therefore considered ideal for beginners. Dwarf Java Fern, which originated from South East Asia, can be found growing in the submerged condition on the banks of rivers and streams. The roots of this plant are designed to attach to hard surfaces like woods, tree trunks, ground, and rocks near the waterline. It is a less demanding and slow-growing plant that easily adapts to most aquariums. The leaves contain certain chemicals that prevent most herbivorous fish from eating them. The minimum tank size should not be less than 10 gallons.

Appearance: Microsorum Pteropus 'Green Gnome' is a lush green aquarium plant that can grow up to 15 cm with proper water conditions. The width can be between 6 to 8 inches. When the aquarium has the right water parameters, the plant shows dense growth and attains beautiful green color that adds to the aesthetic of the tank manifold. Owing to its growth pattern and height, Dwarf Java Fern seems suitable to keep as a mid-ground or background plant. To attain a dense look, it is advised to allow the plant to spread its rhizomes and develop new plants; however, remove the new plantlets to keep the plant less dense.     

Hard/soft plant: It is a hardy plant, suitable to keep in varied water conditions. This plant can't die except when they are buried in the substrate. If you notice burn spots, remove them by pruning.

Ideal water temperature: The ideal temperature for the growth and development of Dwarf Java Fern is 20 to 28 degrees Celsius.

Lightening conditions: It requires low light conditions. As the light intensity increases, the plant exhibits darker color leaves. At the same time, the plant may also melt due to too much light or blue-green algae.

Ideal pH level: Dwarf Java Fern can tolerate a wide pH range. It could be between 5 and 8 to get the best growth. 

Additional Requirements: There is no requirement for additional carbon dioxide or added fertilizers and nutrient-rich substrate. It grows well in the available nutrients from the water.

Propagation: Microsorum Pteropus 'Green Gnome' plants are propagated through the rhizome. You can cut the rhizome in half and replant the cut sections on the substrate. The plant will grow separately. You can place the plant on the surface of the driftwood inside the aquarium. When placed over smooth surfaces, the plant will take longer to attach. Remember not to bury the plant on the substrate. 

Do you know: Sometimes the plant develops small black spots underside the leaf. They are called tiny java ferns that the plant produces by itself.

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