Anubias gracilis

Anubias gracilis

ceratopteris thalictroides

Ceratopteris Thalictroides

Peacock moss

  • Features peculiar peacock shape fronds 
  • Provides hiding spots to the fish 
  • Easy to care for and grow
  • Can thrive in diverse water parameters 
Peacock moss

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Increasing the aesthetics of the tank, peacock moss adds color and provides plenty of hiding spots for the fish. At the same time, it keeps the conditions of the tank stable. The scientific name of peacock moss is taxiphyllum sp “peacock .”The specific peacock-shaped fronds give it a unique look, making it extraordinary. Such fronds gave this moss its specific name. 

It is an easy to care aquarium plant that can thrive well in diverse water conditions. Under the right water parameters, it shows faster growth.

Water Parameters

Cold water with temperatures ranging between 18.33 and 25 degrees Celsius will be the best for its survival. If the temperature is high, the plant may begin to wilt and ultimately die. Also, it loses color and peculiar peacock-shaped fronds. Peacock moss requires pH between 5.0 and 7.5 and can survive well in both hard and soft water. 

Under higher light intensity, the peacock moss thrives. Even though the plant can live in all lightning, the higher the aquarium light- the faster the growth will be. High light intensity favors compact growth of the moss where it attains beautiful triangular-shaped fronds. Additional carbon dioxide also perks up the growth of moss. 

Highly attractive and perfect for all types of aquariums, peacock moss has become one of the favored mosses among aquarists. Compact and dense growth makes the tank look very beautiful. It can be attached to the driftwood, aquarium décor, and rocks in the tank to give a striking background or mat like look to the tank.

Do you know- Peacock moss looks similar to Christmas moss, but the fronds are less puffy and have a softer velvet-like texture. They are versatile and get easily attached to any hardscape in the tank. 


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