Juncus repens

Juncus repens

Polygonum sp. “Pink

Polygonum sp. “Pink”

Phyllanthus Fluitans

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Overview: If you like having a free-floating plant in your aquarium, Phyllanthus fluitans will be one of the best choices. Originated from South America in the Amazon River Basin and extended into Central America, this plant hails from the family Phyllanthaceae and looks pretty similar to Salvinia’s free-floating fern. The only difference is it consists of alternating leaves on each node which is also the beauty of the plant. Some of the common names of P.fluitans are red root floater and floating spurge. The care and maintenance of the plant are moderate and can be managed by new aquarists. Therefore, it makes a perfect plant to give an exotic look to your aquarium.

Appearance: The plant consists of the thin submerged stem having tufts of red roots in the bottom and round leaves above. The leaves are water repellent and heart-shaped, covering the stem completely and showcasing their beauty outwardly. If the plant gets the right water conditions, you may see the appearance of tiny white flowers having six petals. The intensity of leaf color depends upon the intensity of light it is receiving. More is the intensity, deeper brown-red hue the leaves get.

Hard/soft Plant: Soft plant with fragile stems

Ideal water temperature: It requires a temperature between 18 - 30 °C for better flourishing.

Lightening conditions: Moderate to bright light is the necessity of this plant because the color of the leaves will depend upon it entirely. It has been seen that when the light is intensive, that is the plant is getting full sunlight the plant performs really well.

Ideal pH level: pH between 6.8 and 7.2 is considered perfect for the plant.

Do you know: The plant is very easy to propagate as it naturally produces the daughter plants. All that you need is a stalk cutting between the clusters of roots and leaves and the plant will multiply.

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