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Bacopa Caroliniana

Rotala Wallichii

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Overview: Found in soft acidic waters of Southeast Asia, Rotala wallichii is a red stem plant that is found growing in deeper waters in comparison to other species. Suitable for smaller aquariums as a foreground plant, this bright decorative plant requires a fair share of maintenance.

Appearance: Rotala wallichii is an ornamental aquatic plant characterized by red shoot ends. It serves as a good foreground plant when planted in groups and appears on the water surface as fluffy and pink groupings. Rotala wallichii grows to about 10-30 cm in height. It usually bears bright purple flowers in its natural habitat. Usually, Rotala wallichii does not bear flowers under submerged conditions in aquariums.

Hard or Soft plant: Soft plant

Ideal water temperature: Rotala wallichii prefers water temperatures between 22 and 27 degree Celsius.

Lighting conditions: This aquatic plant prefers bright lighting for optimum growth and coloration. A minimum 2-watt per gallon lighting is needed for it’s luxurious growth.

Ideal pH conditions: Rotala wallichii thrives under pH conditions 6-7 and prefers soft acidic water for ideal growth.

Functions and uses:

  • The vibrant and beautiful appearance of this plant enhances the aesthetic appeal of aquariums.
  • Serves as a great mid-ground or background aquarium plant.


Did you know? Under optimum conditions, it can produces vibrant growth along the surface of water. It develops many side shoots. Longer plants can be pruned to cut off the tops or replanting the tops of rooted portions in substrate.

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