Nymphaea Panama Pacific Water lily

Nymphaea Panama Pacific Water lily

Staurogyne spatulata

Staurogyne spatulata

Staurogyne sp. ‘Bihar’

Staurogyne sp. ‘Bihar’

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Overview: Popular as Bihar Staurogyne, this plant is often confused with Hygrophila sp. due to its resemblance. Before classification, it was thought to be a Hygrophila species. In fact, it was imported from the north Indian state Bihar as an alleged Hygrophila species to other parts of the world. So, this plant is native to India. 

Staurogyne sp. Bihar comes from the Acanthaceae family. It is a fast-growing plant with moderate requirements. This plant is widely spread in the aquarium hobby in the USA; however, in the rest of Europe, it has probably not made its way into the hobby yet. Due to its height, it can be used as a midground plant. 

Appearance: Staurogyne is a strong, large stem plant with a height reaching 2-6” under the right water conditions. The leaves are highly variable with green to reddish-brown hues. In one look, the lobed leaves resemble those of Hygrophila pinnatifida. It is one of the reasons why it is believed to belong to the Hygrophila species. 

However, flower characteristics suggest that this unidentified plant might belong to the genus Staurogyne. If you love lush aquatic vegetation and want something different than your average Hygrophila species, this would be an excellent addition to your planted tank.

Hard/Soft Plant: It is a hard plant.

Ideal water temperature: 20 to 30 degree Celsius is the right temperature range for the growth and development of Staurogyne sp. Bihar.

Lightening conditions: It requires medium to high light conditions. The plant shows stunted growth with low light, and the leaves stay dull and dark. So, in order to attain reddish brown hues, medium to high light will be required. 

Ideal pH level: The ideal pH range for Staurogyne sp. Bihar is 5-7. The general hardness of the water could be between 0 and 30°dGH, while the carbonate hardness should not go beyond 12°dKH.

Propagation: For propagating Staurogyne sp. Bihar, cut new growth along with roots and insert them into the substrate. Under proper conditions, the cuttings grow into healthy plants. 

Other requirements: Carbon dioxide is the added requirement for Staurogyne sp. Bihar. Even though it can survive without carbon dioxide, the plant will remain dull and weak. So, carbon dioxide is recommended. 

Do you know: When grown submerged, this aquatic plant is said to resemble the popular favorite, Hygrophila Pinnatifida.

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