Ocean free XO Super Redsyn, 120g

Ocean free XO Super Redsyn, 120g

Qian Hu Humpy Head Aquarium Fish Food, 280ml/100gms

Qian Hu Humpy Head Aquarium Fish Food, 280ml/100gms

Live Microworm Starter Culture

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It is a healthy substitute and the best live food for fish fries. Live food or forage is essential for the growth and development of larval fish. Microworm culture provides the live feed which is appropriately sized for the mouth of the fry and at the same time provides a healthy nutritional dosage for proper development.

Microworm culture is the easiest and simplest live food to culture.  The best part is they are tolerant to different environment variables and are not susceptible to the water changes. These microworms are small, white, and unsegmented. They move constantly. Due to their small size and shape, they are easy to feed to fish which are too small.

You can store the starter culture at around 32 degrees F for more than six months. It should be kept at room temperature in a well-lighted area. Higher daily production is recorded when the temperature is slightly higher. However, for lasting the culture little longer, a lower temperature is preferred.

Microworms feed on the yeast and bacteria produced from the oatmeal. Once fed for around a week, microworms start appearing with a shimmering movement and start climbing on the upside of the container. You can harvest the microworms at this stage by scrapping them from the top and sides of the container. The 8" x 12" culture will provide a harvest of approximately 1 to 1-1/2 teaspoons of Microworms daily for three weeks or more.

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