Ocean free Xo Turtle Sticks, 280ml/110 g

Ocean free Xo Turtle Sticks, 280ml/110 g

Ocean Free Blood Parrot Fish Food, 20g

  • Helps in color development 
  • Improves the growth and body shape
  • Enhances the vigor and health 
  • Assists in the growth and development of head
  • Boosts immunity and make fish healthier
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Made with highly nutritious ingredients, Ocean Free Blood Parrot Fish Food is the best you can feed to your Blood Parrotfish. With natural color enhancers and special ingredients like shrimp meal, algae meal, quality white fish meal, enzyme, carotene, and a lot more minerals, it can provide innumerable health benefits to the fish. Ocean Free Blood Parrot Fish Food is a superior granule feed for blood parrot cichlids and helps in multiple ways.

When fed regularly, Ocean Free Blood Parrot Fish Food ensures developing healthier and shiner scales. With its excellent palatability and easy digestibility, it has become a superfood for the blood parrot cichlids. The best part is Ocean Free Blood Parrot Fish Food does not pollute the water or make it cloudy. You can feed it 2-3 times daily as much as the fish can consume the food in 3 minutes for the best results. 



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