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Albino Koi Swordtail

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Overview: The scientific name of Albino Koi Swordtail is Xiphophorus hellerii. With a peaceful temperament and easy to care habit, Albino Koi Swordtail could be a wonderful addition to your tank. This beautiful fish is a mix of snake and red-eyed Kohaku that gives it unique features. The stunning orange and white-silver koi like colouration give an exotic look to the tank. The males can be identified with the typical long “sword-like” tail. Sometimes females develop it too. Albino Koi Swordtail is a result of selective breeding. Since Albino Koi Swordtail is not an aggressive fish, beginners can have them in their aquarium. Also, it is a hardy fish that can survive well in varied water parameters. 

Distribution and Habitat: Albino Koi Swordtail is a result of selective breeding but indigenous to Mexico. Mostly they occupy the top column of the tank, but you can also find them swimming at the middle layers and going at the bottom for feeding. While swimming, you can find them jumping as well. So, keep a lid/hood/canopy to secure the fish from fatal escape. Or else, you can keep the water level low. As long as other tank mates do not nip the long sword-like tail of Albino Koi Swordtail, it is peaceful and lives happily. In the case of aggressive tank mates, the fish comes under stress and may fall ill. The minimum tank size is 20 gallons. 

Temperature: 22 to 28 degrees Celsius is an ideal temperature range for Albino Koi Swordtail. Try to keep the temperature within this range for the fish to perform best. 

Water conditions: The suitable pH range is 6.5 to 8 and hardness 10 to 30 dKH. Although Albino Koi Swordtail is a hardy fish, keep the water parameters within the range to ensure good health and stronger immunity. Under proper water parameters, the fish grows to 6 to 8 cm. It is an uncommon variety with exotic colours. With suitable water conditions, it will show true colours and live longer. 

Breeding: Albino Koi Swordtail is a livebearer. You would require a separate tank for breeding purposes. It is better to keep them in groups where females are more in number than males because mature males often pursue females for mating. 

Feeding: Albino Koi Swordtail is an omnivore, which means it can feed a variety of food. High-quality fish food like frozen and dry pellets will give it good health and complete the nutritional requirements. Keep variations in diet to make it interesting for the fish. It is not a fussy eater and would love to munch everything you feed.

Lifespan: They can up to 5 years under suitable water conditions and good nutrition. 

Do you know: Albino Koi Swordtail is a peaceful and friendly fish. It gets along with other peaceful tank mates very well. Although they are not necessarily shoaling species, keeping them in a group of 5 to 6 will make them feel comfortable. 

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