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Blue Rainbowfish

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Overview: Blue Rainbowfish are suitable for the community tank. They are not aggressive and can live happily in a group of 6 or even more due to their shoaling nature. The beautiful turquoise colour makes them look extremely adorable. Since these fish require large space, the minimum tank size should be 55 gallons. It is also recommended that the tank should be at least 5 feet long. With a moderate care level, Blue Rainbowfish can live easily in any freshwater community tank. It is a very hardy species that can live in varied water parameters. The juveniles of this species are a bit dull than the adults. So, you have to be patient for the fish to become an adult and get its true colours. Good habitat, healthy water parameters and good nutrition also help the fish in displaying beautiful turquoise blue colour. 

Distribution and Habitat: Blue Rainbowfish is believed to be originated from Lake Kutubu and its outlet, Papua New Guinea. The IUCN red list has listed this beautiful fish as Vulnerable due to man’s activity on the lake. It has made this species endemic. Having a Blue Rainbowfish in an aquarium is a pride in itself. It is also sold as Lake Kutubu Rainbowfish in many parts of the world. 

Temperature: The most suitable temperature range for Blue Rainbowfish is 21 to 27 degrees Celsius. Keep proper temperature range so that fish can attain the best adult colours when it grows old. 

Water conditions: 7 to 8.5 is the best pH range for Blue Rainbowfish. Keep the hardness of water between 9 to 25 dKH. It is a very hardy aquarium species that can grow up to 6 to 8 cm under right water conditions and attain its typical blue, green colour. When it comes to lighting, there are no special requirements and will acclimatize in varied conditions. 

Breeding: Blue Rainbowfish can be bred in a separate breeding tank. Mature males are larger and brighter, and colourful than females. Keep 75% mature tank water and 25% de-chlorinated freshwater in the breeding tank. Keep a small air-driven sponge filter to maintain proper water flow in the tank. Maintain the temperature to 25 degrees Celsius. When the spawning completes, the eggs are scattered all over the plants, a few at a time. Therefore, it is advised to siphon out the eggs and keep them in a breeding box to hatch. The eggs will usually hatch in 5-9 days. Once free-swimming, the tiny fry can be offered infusoria, moving onto larger foodstuffs as they develop.

Feeding: Blue Rainbowfish is an omnivore. It can feed on a variety of fish food, including fish flakes, green flakes, micropellets, dry and frozen fish food. Mosquito larvae and daphnia are some popular fish food for Blue Rainbowfish. 

Lifespan: Under suitable water conditions and good nutrition, Blue Rainbowfish can live up to 8 years. The typical lifespan is around 5 to 8 years. 

Do you know? Blue Rainbowfish are continual spawners. It means that these fish spawn over several days, weeks and sometimes even months. 


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