Black Moscow Guppies

Black Moscow Guppies

Full Red Guppy(Flamingo Red Guppy)

Full Red Guppy(Flamingo Red Guppy)

Chili Red Guppy

Size: 1 inch

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Overview: Chili red guppy is another sub-species of the Guppy family and is characterized by a bright chili red and black striped tail fin. It is also called as Albino chili red guppy. Like most guppies, chili red guppy is also rapid livebearers are reproduced in large numbers and also known as the million fish. Chili red guppy is very small and grows to a maximum size of 2 inches. They are ovoviviparous in nature and post fertilization the female chili red guppy can give birth to many successors.

Distribution and habitat: They colonizes fresh water bodies of Brazil, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago islands, Barbados, Jamaica, Antigua etc. In many cases, chili red guppies have also found to live in slightly brackish water habitats. They have an affinity for smaller pools and streams than deep and rapidly flowing rivers. Guppies have also been deliberately introduced in other parts of the world in an attempt to control mosquito larva and curb malaria.

Temperature: Like most guppies, the chili red guppy thrives in warm tropical water temperatures ranging between 25 and 28 degree Celsius.

Water conditions: The Chili Red Guppy prefers pH levels between 7 and 8 and usually prefers moderate hard water between 10 and 20 DH.

Breeding: These guppies are rapid live-bearers and are also polyandrous in nature. The gestation period is usually around 28 days under optimum conditions and longer when temperatures are cooler.

Feeding: They are omnivorous in nature and can feed on Daphnia, guppy flakes, frozen dry food, and almost any aquarium fish food.

Lifespan: The young fry of Chili Red Guppy takes roughly 4 months to mature into adult ones. Females can reproduce throughout their lifespan. Like most guppies, chili red guppy lives for 2 years depending on their living conditions. In high-predation habitats like aquariums with predatory fishes their lifespan is less as chances of getting devoured is more

Did you know?

Usually, they do not eat their offspring; still, it is advisable to keep separate zones for the fries in the aquarium. A birthing tank can be suspended into the tank to protect the females from being attacked by the males during birthing. Aquatic plants like Water wisteria, Duckweed, Java Moss etc. provide shelter to the young ones.

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