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Platinum Red Big Ear Guppy

Siamese Algae Eater

Siamese Algae Eater

Chinese Algae Eater

Size: 1.5 inch
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Chinese Algae Eater

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Overview:  For all those looking for algae eaters, the Chinese Algae Eater will be the best choice. Since these fish are easy to keep and care for, even beginners can try their hands on them. It is a bottom-dwelling alga eating fish that fits well in a community tank. Some other popular names of Chinese Algae Eater are Honey Suckers and Sucking Loach. In the wild, you can find Chinese Algae Eater in the rivers and lakes. One benefit of keeping Chinese Algae Eater is they live for ten years and ensure your tank remains free of algae. They keep the tank clean and healthy. Talking about behaviour, Chinese Algae Eater loves to live alone. They are not social and do not want any company. There is no need to keep them in groups. 

Origin and Habitat: Chinese Algae Eaters is a freshwater fish that belongs to the Gyrinocheilidae family. It can be found in the rivers and lakes flowing through Asia. They prefer warm and fast-moving water. Being bottom dwellers, they can be seen in the lower levels around rocky floors, gravel and sand. They are also found in muddy water and flooded coastal areas. If you pet them, try keeping a natural habitat in the tank to make them stress-free. 

Temperature: 24 to 28 degrees Celsius is the perfect temperature range for Chinese Algae Eaters. You can use a heater to maintain optimal temperature for the fish’s survival. 

Water conditions: 5.8 to 8 is the perfect pH range for Chinese Algae Eaters. Keep vegetation in the tank to create a natural habitat for them. The water movements through the filter outlet are enough to keep the natural flow of water. For stronger current, use an air or water pump. A well-lit environment is preferable for healthy growth. 

Breeding: Chinese Algae Eaters are difficult to breed in home aquariums. If you want to breed them, large setups are needed with plenty of vegetation. These fish need extra space to keep them stress-free. The size of a healthy fish is 5 inches, but it needs large space to keep itself stress-free. So, breeding gets quite difficult in home tanks. 

Feeding: Algae is the main source of nutrition for Chinese Algae Eaters. In the wild, they suck the algae from the rocks with their sucker mouths. They follow the same pattern in the aquarium too and scarp off the algae from aquarium walls, décor items and wherever available. They also feed on small crustaceans like maggots to fulfil their protein requirement. 

Lifespan: Chinese Algae Eaters live for 9 to 10 years when they get enough nutrition and suitable water conditions. 

Do you know? Although Chinese Algae Eaters are small in size (5 inches), they need plenty of space. Therefore, if you are planning to have it in your aquarium, the minimum aquarium size should be 50 gallons. 

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