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Mixed Guppy

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Partly Red Guppy

Endler's Guppy(Male)

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Overview: Endler’s Guppy, also known as Endler’s livebearer or simply Endlers, belongs to the genus Poecilia. The scientific name of this guppy fish is Poecilia wingei. It is native to Paria Peninsula in Venezuela. Being a prolific breeder, Endlers often fascinates the aquarists who breed the fish for developing a hybrid. They are known to produce beautiful and attractive hybrids as they easily mate with the guppies. Also, they are undemanding in nature and very peaceful. Being small in size, they are perfect to have in small or nano aquariums. They are often found in beautiful neon blue, red/orange, and black coloration.

Distribution and Habitat: Endler’s Guppy is very similar to fancy guppy as it embarks striking colors that make it unique. Also, the small size makes it ideal for small tanks. It was first identified in Venezuela in the year 1937 and later rediscovered in 1975. With striking colors, easy breeding, and live-bearing features, aquarists start showing interest in Endlers, making it one of the popular additions in the guppy’s group. They are undemanding and live happily with similar size fish in the tank.

Temperature: The ideal temperature range for Endler’s Guppy is 24 to 30 degrees centigrade. Although they can tolerate a wide range of temperatures, keeping them within the right range is essential. It is when the fish thrives well and swim happily in the tank.

Water conditions: In order to maintain the perfect water conditions, we need to keep an eye on the pH and hardness of the water. For Endler’s guppy, the perfect pH ranges from 7.0 to 8.5. Likewise, the hardness should remain between 15 - 35 dKH. Always make sure that these two water parameters are in the correct range for the best health of the fish.

Breeding: Endler’s guppies are prolific breeders. Their striking colors, small size, and live-bearing nature make them ideal for the breeders. They can easily generate their new generation, which in general, comprises attractive colorations. So, if you are a breeder and looking for an easy to breed fish, Endler’s guppy could be a great choice.

Feeding: In general, Endler’s Guppy prefers remaining in the top level of the tank. However, when fed, they move to the middle and bottom-most parts as well to eat the food. They are not a picky eater. You can give them a variety of food, whether they are live, frozen, or dried. Being omnivorous and unfussy in nature, they again add to their value for an aquarist. Pellets, blood worms, Freeze-dried tubifex are some of the favorite food of this fish.

Lifespan: Endler’s Guppy can live for 1.5 to 2 years when they are well-fed and provided with the right water conditions. Since they are top dwellers and do not hesitate to jump, make sure you keep the lid of the tank closed or lower the water level. 

Do you know?

Adult Endler’s Guppy can feed on shrimp fry, so make sure you do not introduce both in the same aquarium.

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