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Glow zebra danios

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Glow zebra danios

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Overview: Glow Zebra Danios is one of those fish that can bring glow, brightness and shine to any dull aquarium. Also popular with the names like striped danio, zebra danio and zebrafish, Glow Zebra Danios are easy to care about. It is one of the reasons why freshwater aquarists love to have it in their tank. The amazing striped black and white pattern on the body makes them unique and easy to recognize in the tank. The size of an adult is around 2 inches. Peaceful in nature, these fish are suitable for all types and all sizes of the tank. 

Distribution and Habitat: Glow Zebra Danios are believed to be originated from a greater stretch- Pakistan in the west and Myanmar in the east. Also, it is believed to be found in a narrower range that comes in parts of India and Bangladesh. It is the reason why Glow Zebra Danios can live in a variety of habitats- from fast-moving streams and slow-moving rivers to stagnant ponds. Being easy to raise and care for, Glow Zebra Danios have gained huge popularity as an aquarium fish. They have commercially bred that result the fish to be less robust than original wild species. 

Temperature: Glow Zebra Danios are surface-dwelling fish that prefer to live in moving water. Technically, they are cold-water fish that love to live in the temperature range of 18 to 25 degrees Celsius. However, they can survive well in a wider range of water conditions. If you keep the temperature too low, the fish will become susceptible to diseases. 

Water conditions: Glow Zebra Danios are active fish that love dwelling in the upper levels of the tank. However, you can find them hovering all over the tank. The diffuse light and open swimming space make them happy. For the best view, you can use a darker colour substrate that will showcase the true colours of Zebra Danios. pH 6.5 to 7 and water hardness 5 to 12 dGH is the most appropriate. 

Breeding: Glow Zebra Danios are prolific breeders; that’s why beginners can choose them for breeding purposes. These fish are very loyal to their partners and remain together for life. They do not mate with any other fish, even if the mate dies. If you are practising breeding, do not forget to set up a separate tank as the adults may eat their own eggs. Once mated, the fish scatters 400 to 500 eggs that settle at the bottom and across the plants—the fires hatch in two days. Commercially prepared fry food will be the best to feed the young ones. 

Feeding: Glow Zebra Danios are omnivorous. They can feed on a variety of food- from small invertebrates to fresh vegetable matter. They are not picky eaters. Keep variety in their food to help them attain nutrition and the best colours. 

Life Span- The life expectancy is around 4 to 5 years that largely depending upon the water conditions. 

Do You Know? Unlike other fish species, Glow Zebra Danios are very loyal to their mates. They do not mate with anyone other than their partner in their entire life. 

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