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Platinum Red Big Ear Guppy

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Thailand blue guppy

Purple Delta Guppy

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Purple Delta Guppy

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Overview: Purple Delta Guppy, as the name indicates, flashes purple color that makes the tank look extremely beautiful. Although guppies are considered the easiest fish to keep, the one with a large show could become pretty challenging at times. Purple Delta Guppy can live in extreme climatic conditions without much hassle. It is a result of selective breeding that finally resulted in exaggerated finnage and purplish tinge on the body. Perfect for freshwater tanks, Purple Delta Guppy loves bare bottom tanks with little or no plants. It could be one of the best additions in the tank if you want flamboyancy in your aquarium.

Distribution and Habitat: Purple Delta Guppy is peaceful in nature and does not bother any other tankmates. Due to its large finnage, it requires larger space for the movements. This fish is selectively bred and therefore can live in extreme water conditions as well. However, when the water parameters are within the range, the color shows its full vibrancy, and the tank looks more attractive.

Temperature: Purple Delta Guppy remains happy when the water temperature is between 24 and 28 degrees Celsius with moderate to strong aeration. Some water movement in the tank adds to the aeration that makes the little guppies pretty happy.

Water conditions: It has been observed that exaggerated finnage and many generations of careful, protective, clean environments led the Purple Delta Fish to do their best. Since they have long fins, tankmates that will not bother them much will keep them happy. Due to long finaage their movement becomes unnatural that may interrupt other fish of the tank. Also, they require bare bottom tanks, without or with very few plants.

Feeding: The best food for the Purple Delta Fish is live or frozen shrimp. The brine shrimp provides them all the nutritional benefits that they require. Since they have long fins and tails, it requires enough food to maintain them. Therefore a regular feeding on a regular interval makes these guppies healthy.

Breeding: Purple Delta Guppy can produce approximately 10 to 30 young ones in a month. In general, guppies do not eat their fry, but when they are not well fed, the parents start eating their young ones. So, it is always a better idea to transfer them into a separate breeding tank or container. The tank of fry should be a little warmer than those of the parents’ tank.

Lifespan: When given the right diet and provided the right water parameters, the Purple Delta Guppy lives healthily for 2 years.

Do You Know: Purple Delta Guppies are one of those fish that does well when kept in smaller size tanks. Breeders usually keep them in a 2.5 and 5 gallons tank.

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