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Overview: Rummy- nose tetra is one of the most popular tetra fish among the aquarists. While every member of the tetra family is unique and has special features, Rummy-nose tetra is one of its kind. The striking appearance and bright colors of this fish bring the temptation among the fish keepers to keep them in the tank. You can find different variations and colors in these species that can make them one of the most attractive fish of your aquarium. With their moderate care level and peaceful temperament, Rummy-nose tetra could be a great addition to your tank. 

Distribution and Habitat: Rummy nose tetra is a freshwater fish, originating from South America, where they were first found living in the Amazon River. It is a well-known aquarium fish that can thrive well and easily with the right water conditions. The scientific name of Rummy nose tetra fish is Hemigrammus rhodostomus, and they belong to the Characidae family.

Temperature: Since Rummy nose tetra is a bit sensitive fish, you need to maintain the required temperature to thrive well. The perfect temperature ranges from 75-84°F that will match the typical water temperature of the river Amazon. While setting up the tank is not very stressful, maintaining the right temperature could so install heaters or coolers whatever required to reaching the right temperature range.

Water conditions: Other than temperature, the pH of the water should also remain within the right range, which is between 6.2 and 7.0.. Likewise, the hardness of the water should remain between 2 and 10 dGH. When the water parameters are within the range, the fish thrives for many years and enjoys her full life span. 

Feeding: Rummy nose tetra is an omnivorous fish. You can give them frozen fish food, flaked food, algae, brine shrimp, and almost everything which a fish can eat. At the same time, you can also give them frozen vegetables like pea, beans, etc.

Breeding: Get a good mix of males and females in the tank and encourage them to breed. Provide them with enough food and ambient water conditions. Warm temperature trigger procreation, so make sure that fish are kept in the perfect water temperature conditions. At the same time, add plenty of plants where the fish find the right spots to spawn.

Lifespan: Rummy nose tetras may live up to 6 years when they are fed with enough food and provided with the perfect water conditions. It will ensure that tetras are well-fed and healthy enough to survive for the fullest.

Do you know?

Rummy nose tetras love to remain in the company of other peaceful fish. Try to keep them in groups as alone they get stressed.

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