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White Cloud Mountain minnow

SIZE: 1 inch

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Overview: White Cloud Mountain Minnow is popular with so many names like Canton danio, Chinese danio, and just white cloud. The scientific name of this beautiful aquarium fish is Tanichthys micagemmae. Small, pretty, colorful, and extremely attractive, White Cloud Mountain Minnow is a perfect aquarium fish for both beginners and experts. Since they resemble neon tetras but are inexpensive than them, they are called as ‘the working man’s neon.’ Although there are many other identified genus of the same species, only one is suitable for aquariums viz., Tanichthys micagemmae (Vietnamese white cloud).

Distribution and Habitat: It is believed that White Cloud Mountain Minnow is a native of China and Vietnam where due to unsuitable and drastic changes in habitat, they disappeared. Later, they were found dwelling in the coastal province of Guangdong and Hainan Island in China. Today, white cloud mountain minnows are common in the aquarium trade and widely found in the different parts of the world.

Temperature: The perfect range of temperature for white cloud mountain minnow varies between 15 and 20 degrees centigrade. The fish remain hardy and survive well when they are provided with the right temperature. Although white minnow are not a demanding fish, when it comes to water conditions, the right range will help to live them longer. Also, when the temperature goes above 22 degrees, it becomes hard for them to survive.

Water Conditions: An aquarium with good vegetation, some driftwood, and a darker ambiance is suitable for the white cloud mountain minnows. The ideal pH ranges between 6.0 and 8.0, and the hardiness needs to be between 5 and 19 dGH. Make sure these two critical parameters do not reach extreme; however, a little fluctuation is tolerable. The minnows are sensitive to copper; therefore, ensure using medication free from copper in the water.

Feeding: White minnows are avid insect-eaters when in the wild. When they are in a tank, you can feed them a variety of food like frozen and flake food, live food, daphnia, shrimp, larvae, etc. they relish all types of food.

Breeding: If you are breeding fish for the first-time, white cloud mountain minnow will be the best choice as they can breed all around the year. You can take a small tank of size 10 gallons and add some colorful mates for spawning. Make sure the females are twice as males in the tank. The right pH of water for spawning should remain between 6.5 and 7.5 while the right temperature should be 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Lifespan: when provided with the right temperature, water conditions, and enough food, the white cloud mountain minnow live for 4 to 5 years healthily.

Do You Know?

White cloud mountain minnows are a very effective mosquito controller. They are used in ponds to help control the breeding of mosquitoes. However, when kept in large ponds, they are eaten by big fish.

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