Full Red Guppy(Flamingo Red Guppy)

Full Red Guppy(Flamingo Red Guppy)

Cherry Shrimp

Cherry Shrimp

White Tuxedo Guppy

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Size: 1 inch

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Overview: Guppies can be found in varied colors. White Tuxedo Guppy, as the name indicates, is of white color and looks very classy. The shinning white-silvery body of this guppy fish makes it unique and one of the kinds. While people are a fan of colorful guppies, there are many who are fond of white tuxedo guppy due to its classiness. It is a result of selective breeding and could be a great addition to the tank. Since it is undemanding and peaceful in nature and livebearer too, it is perfect for all- beginners, professionals, and breeders.

Distribution and Habitat: Today, there are around 300 varieties of guppies, including White Tuxedo Guppy. They belong to the Poeciliidae family. Guppies are freshwater fish and prefer living in freshwater aquariums. They are peaceful in nature; therefore, make sure the other members in the tank comprise similar features. Also, ensure that the tank is not less than 5 gallons in size. Although guppies are small size fish, they require space for swimming freely. At the same time, they want plenty of hiding spots in the tank. So, you can include live plants, driftwoods, pebbles or rocks in the tank.

Temperature: For White Tuxedo Guppy, the ideal temperature ranges from 24 to 28 degrees C. sudden fluctuation or rise and depletion in temperature may make the fish sick. So, try to maintain the temperature within the prescribed range for a healthy, guppy fish.

Water conditions: With the pH ranging between 5.5 to 7 and hardness around 10-30 dKH will be perfect for the fish to thrive well. The water parameters should not go beyond the specified range, or else the fish may come under stress and get ill.

Breeding: White Tuxedo Guppy can be kept for both show and breeding purposes. If you are keeping this guppy fish for breeding purposes, make sure the tank has proper filtration and ambient water parameters. Since guppies are livebearers and deliver fry, ensure that you maintain a separate breeder tank; otherwise, sometimes the adults eat up their fry.

Feeding: When it comes to feeding, guppies are very easy. They are omnivorous and can eat a variety of food. You can give them anything, right from live worms, mosquito larva, and daphnia to frozen peas, lettuce, and cucumber. When well-fed, guppies show their true colors and look very attractive. Poorly fed guppies often look dull and pale. You can give fish flakes, dried, and frozen foods that are rich in proteins.

Lifespan- A healthy, well-fed white tuxedo guppy fish can live up to 2 to 3 years. Also, they can be bred many times in their life cycle. All that you need is to maintain the right water parameters and provide a high nutrient diet for longer life.

Do you know?

White Tuxedo Guppies are named after the color distribution on their bodies, wherein front and back half are in two different colors.

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