Bacopa Salzmannii 'Purple' (SG) - Tissue culture Aquatic Plant

Bacopa Salzmannii 'Purple' (SG) - Tissue culture Aquatic Plant

Rotala rotundifolia 'Blood red' (SG) - Tissue Culture Aquatic Plant

Rotala rotundifolia 'Blood red' (SG) - Tissue culture Aquatic Plant

Eleocharis montevidensis - Tissue culture Aquatic Plant

Eleocharis montevidensis-Tissue culture Aquatic Plant

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Overview: Eleocharis montevidensis is an amazing green grass stolon aquatic plant suitable for aquariums. It is also popular with names like Giant Hairgrass and Sand Spikerush. Being a low-maintenance plant, it is beginner friendly and is not very demanding. It grows densely, where the height of different straws may grow up to 20- 40 cm; therefore, using it as a background plant is the right choice. 

Regarding thickness, it is only a few millimeters thick, growing openly. Due to its varied height and flashy green color, it is perfect for creating an attractive aquascape with different depths and hues. Since Eleocharis grows through runners, regular trimming is an essentiality. 

Advantages: Tissue culture aquarium plants are superior in quality compared to normal plants as they are developed in-vitro conditions. They are devoid of pests and infestations that can harm an already-established tank. Adding the tissue cultures version of Eleocharis montevidensis is safe and risk-free.  

Care: Eleocharis is a hardy plant, so it will survive unless you have provided it with nutrient-rich water. It will thrive well under the temperature range of 15 to 22 degrees Celsius. Under the right water parameters, this plant will flourish and may grow to a very impressive height, reaching the water's surface. Since it is a tall grass plant, it is suitable for medium to large aquariums. 

There is no need to supplement extra carbon dioxide to Eleocharis; however, providing it will hasten its growth, and you may see the grass getting taller than expected in a shorter time. 

Light requirements: Eleocharis requires moderate light conditions to develop flashy green color leaves. 

pH requirement: It can range between 6 and 9.

Other requirements: Eleocharis generally do not need any specific requirements as it is undemanding, but including nutrients and basic fertilizers will aid in its growth. Carbon dioxide supplementation will hasten the growth, making the plant attain good height and structure with bright green colors. With proper water conditions, Eleocharis will cover larger areas and provide enough hiding places. 

Make sure to avoid extreme water parameters.

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