Echinodorus Ozelot Green

Echinodorus Ozelot Green

Cryptocoryne walkeri - Tissue Culture Aquarium Plant

Cryptocoryne walkeri - Tissue Cultured Aquarium Plant

Cryptocoryne x willisii - Tissue Cultured Aquarium Plant

Qty: 1 Cup of tissue cultured plant

Cryptocoryne x willisii - Tissue Cultured Aquarium Plant is available to buy in increments of 1

Overview: This is an amazing tissue culture aquarium plant with its origin in Sri Lanka. Being low maintenance and low demand plant it has gained much popularity among the aquarists. The growth of the plant is slow, which means you don’t require regular inspection or trimming. It is tissue cultured so that the chances of pest infestation may vanish completely, and the environment of the tank remains constant and preferable. Cryptocoryne x willisii grows plenty of runners which form a compact growth and give an exotic look to the aquarium. It can grow to the height of 7 to 20 cm wherein each rosette may become 7 to 15 cm wide.

Advantages: The most alluring advantage of having tissue culture plant in the tank is the absence of microbes or pest infestation. Since tissue culture plants are grown in in-vitro and highly hygienic lab conditions, they are safe for the tank.

Care: Cryptocoryne x willisii is an easy to care aquatic plant. In general, the crypts do not show a proliferated growth in the first month. However, after a month, it shows a vigorous growth pattern and takes over the tank. Make sure you have removed the entire tissue culture gel from the plant before introducing it to the tank.

Light requirements: The plant requires low to moderate light conditions and can thrive well. Generally, it can grow even if you do not supplement extra carbon dioxide, but when supplied, it shows a robust growth pattern. Low CO2 supply will be good for the plant.

pH requirements: It can grow well in the pH range between 5.5 to 7.

Propagation: Cryptocoryne x willisii can propagate through runners. Cutting the shoots and replanting will help you propagate the plant easily. Since the plant shows slow growth in the first month, you will see it covering the tank through the runners by the next month.

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