Lilaeopsis brasiliensis - Tissue Culture Aquarium Plant

Lilaeopsis brasiliensis - Tissue culture Aquatic Plant

Staurogyne sp. Porto Velho - Tissue Culture Aquarium Plant

Staurogyne sp. Porto Velho - Tissue culture Aquatic Plant

Hydrocotyle Tripartita "Honda" - Tissue culture Aquatic Plant

Hydrocotyle Tripartita "Honda" - Tissue Cultured Aquarium Plant
Hydrocotyle Tripartita "Honda" - Tissue culture Aquatic Plant is available to buy in increments of 1

Overview: Hydrocotyle Tripartita "Honda" is a beautiful variant of Hydrocotyle Tripartita that originates from South-East Asia. It is a wonderful stem aquatic plant with green leaves. The fast and compact growth makes it a great addition to the aquarium. When the right nutrients are provided, Hydrocotyle Tripartita attains a dense structure that increases the overall look of the tank. It can be used as a foreground or midground plant in aquariums and vivariums. You can also give a carpet like look to the tank with Hydrocotyle Tripartita "Honda" by gently pressing the leaves. Earlier, Hydrocotyle Tripartita was not in aquarium use; however, with time, the different variants of this green plant came into being and were explored by the aquarists for aquarium use. You can buy the tissue cultured Hydrocotyle Tripartita "Honds" for the best result. 

Advantages: There are multiple benefits of having a tissue cultured variant of Hydrocotyle Tripartita "Honda" as the risk of pest infestation become negligible. Many times plants bought from pet stores bring pests with them that can hamper the growth of other plants. It is the reason why choosing tissue cultured Hydrocotyle Tripartita "Honda" will ensure better results over normal Hydrocotyle Tripartita "Honda" plant. Once you buy the tissue cultured plant, make sure to maintain water parameters within the prescribed range for its best growth. 

Light and other requirements: Hydrocotyle Tripartita "Honda" is an easy to grow plant. It doesn't have any high or peculiar demand. Instead, medium intensity light and medium carbon dioxide supply will fulfil its demand. You can occasionally provide fertilizers to the plant to get greener flora and dense growth. With the right parameters, Hydrocotyle Tripartita "Honda" attains good compact growth and reaches 5-10 cm in height. The intense green leaves on vertical stems look too good and compliment other aquarium plants as well. 

pH Requirements: The plant can thrive well under the pH requirements ranging between 5.5-8.0.

How to Use: Although Hydrocotyle Tripartita "Honda" is a foreground or midground plant, you can also use it as a carpet for the tank. All you need is when the plant attains around 5 cm height, gently press the leaves on the surface with the hand. The dense growth will give a beautiful carpet-like look to the tank. 

Care: Remove the tissue culture gel from the plant before introducing it to the tank. Clean it thoroughly with water and remove the gel with a soft brush or your hands. The gel may bring slight changes in the water parameters. Therefore, make sure it is completely removed from the plant before burying in the substrate. 


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