Peacock moss

Peacock moss

Staurogyne spatulata - Tissue Culture Aquarium Plant

Staurogyne spatulata - Tissue culture Aquatic Plant

Micranthemum 'Monte Carlo'' - Tissue culture Aquatic Plant

Micranthemum 'Monte Carlo'' - Tissue culture plant

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Overview: Micranthemum 'Monte Carlo" was first discovered by the Japanese in the city of Monte Carlo in northeastern Argentina. The scientific name of this beautiful aquarium plant is Micranthemum tweediei, and it is also popular with other names like Montecarlo pearlweed, and Tweedie's pearlweed. It is also known by names Bacopita, and New Large Pearl Grass.

It can grow along the banks of streams and rivers and in marshes in the wild. However, in the domesticated condition, Micranthemum' Monte Carlo" can be grown in various tanks, from nano to medium and even large. Since it adapts to the varied tank conditions easily, requires little care, and creates a stunning carpet, it is preferred by most aquarists. It creates a lush green foreground cover. 

Appearance: Monte Carlo is a low-growing aquarium plant suitable for carpeting tanks. It features bright green round leaves that creep across the substrate laterally and can multiply the look of rocks and decor. The height of the plant reaches about 1-2.25 inches. It has round leaves that measures around 0.2 to 0.4 inches.

With tiny roots and long stems, it creeps along the substrate creating a soft mat. However, to maintain the look, you need to trim the plant regularly, and the button will turn out as a rich carpet. 

Hard/Soft Plant: It is a hard plant that can survive in varied water parameters. 

Ideal water temperature: The suitable water temperature range is 20 – 25 °C. 

Lightening conditions: Moderate to high light conditions are suitable for the growth and development of Micranthemum' Monte Carlo". 

Ideal pH level: Keep the water pH between 6.0 – 7.5 and hardness up to 15 GH, so they can handle both hard and soft water. 

Propagation: To propagate Micranthemum' Monte Carlo", you can cut or divide the plant into small pieces and insert each into the substrate. Make sure to plant them deep enough. Over time they will form roots and start creeping along the substrate. This plant requires regular trimming to grow quickly and prevent overgrowth. 

Other requirements: Micranthemum' Monte Carlo" performs well in tanks of varying sizes- large, medium, small, and nano. A minimum 5-gallon tank should allow the plant's stem to grow. For substrate, choose a fine-grain or small-grain substrate. As long as you offer the Monte Carlo plant medium to bright light and some fertilizer, this aquatic gem will thrive.

Do you know: Because of its extreme tolerance to wide environmental conditions, it is ideal for beginners and experts. 

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