Staurogyne sp. ‘Bihar’

Staurogyne sp. ‘Bihar’

Java Fern Philippine - Rock

Java Fern Philippine

Staurogyne spatulata

Staurogyne spatulata

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Overview: Staurogyne spatulata is a beautiful stem plant suitable for growing in an aquarium. It belongs to the Acanthaceae family and is relatively new in aquaculture. Since the plant grows tall and has large leaves, it can be used as a midground or background plant. Since it is a new plant with medium to high water requirements, it is suitable for aquarists with some expertise. 

Appearance: Staurogyne spatulata attains good height when provided with proper water parameters. It has lush green large leaves, mimicking the natural water environment. Large leaves also help small fry and fish to play and hide around them. Since Staurogyne spatulata tends to grow tall, regular trimming is a prerequisite to prevent overgrowing. Also, you need to remove the rotting and shed leaves to keep the tank clean.

Hard/Soft Plant: It is a hard plant. 

Ideal water temperature: 20 to 28 degrees Celsius is where Staurogyne spatulata can thrive well. 

Lightening conditions: Staurogyne spatulata requires high light conditions to develop lush green color on the leaves.

Ideal pH level: Keep pH between 6-8. 

Other requirements: Additional carbon dioxide helps Staurogyne spatulata to grow profusely.

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