Ocean Free Absolute Plant Base 1.5 Kg

Ocean Free Absolute Plant Base 1.5 Kg

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Natural Volcanic Lava Rocks, 950g

Far-Infrared ceramic beads, 450g

Qty: 450g

Size: 2mm


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Far-infrared ceramic beads are made up of special ceramic material that radiates infrared waves of a specific wavelength. Different natural minerals are utilized to make practically useful ceramic balls by sintering them at 1200 degree C. It gives them their characteristic feature of far-infrared that helps in water purification.  It is used widely in water treatment plants to improve the water by cleansing it.

The beads emit frequency which removes the impurities from the water by cleaving the water molecule cluster. This impurity then sticks to the ceramic which doesn’t allow it to leach back into the water. You will get 450 gm of far-infrared ceramic beads with the size of each bead around 2 mm.

Benefits of far-infrared ceramic beads

  • Generates negative ions
  • Perform electrolysis is water
  • Reduces the water molecular beam
  • Release the valid trace elements and improve the water quality


Wash the ceramic beads after removing it from the packet with clean water. It will remove all the dirt and debris present in them. Later, add it to the tank directly and let it work on the impurities. It is a natural and wonderful environmental protection product that purifies the aquarium water with no hassle.

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