Far-Infrared ceramic beads, 450g

Far-Infrared ceramic beads, 450g

Black Sugar Sand Gravel, 450g

Black Sugar Sand Gravel, 450g

Natural Volcanic Lava Rocks, 950g

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Size: Rocks of 3-6 inch of diameter

Qty: 2 – 3 Pieces of rocks weighing approx 950g in total

Weight: 950g(approx)


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100% natural this is a wonderful decorative element to give your tank an exotic look. It is perfect for those who want to have reef tank decoration in their aquarium. Lava rock forms when the lava stream flows and later cools down. The air that remains in the lava forms small holes, making them porous. It is a very rare element that you may add to the tank and make it more precious.

Some significant features of natural volcanic lava rocks are:

  • Heat absorbing
  • Sound insulation
  • Acid and alkali proof
  • Light and Porous
  • Doesn’t increase the hardness of the water

It is one of the best environmental products, coming from the volcanic activity which can be used for aquascaping. Due to its lightweight, you can easily create large structures with it and give the tank a natural appearance. It also contributes to improving the living environment of the tank by adding to the beneficial denitrifying bacteria. These bacteria reproduce and remove the nitrates and make the water better for the plants and fish.


  • Ideal for ferns and moss growth
  • Denitrify the water
  • Doesn’t create any pollution or radiation
  • Best for aquascaping


You will get 2 to 3 pieces of natural volcanic lava rocks weighing approximately 950 gm in total. The diameter will be 3-6 inches. Remove the product from the packet and wash with water to remove all the dirt and dust. Simply place it the tank where it complements the internal ambiance and makes the tank look more beautiful.

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