Aqua Clay Gravel, 450g

Aqua Clay Gravel, 450g

JBL Florapol, 350g

JBL Florapol, 350g

White Quartz Sand, 450g

  • 2 mm Sand(approx)
  • Quartz Material
  • aquarium decor, Table top decor, home decor,
  • Natural sand

Adding uniqueness to the tank, white quartz sand is perfect for those who want to give some extraordinary look to the tank. It is 100% natural and is an excellent aquarium décor element. You can also use it as table décor or home décor item product. It is made with the crushed white quartz stone. The best part is white quartz sand is ideal for both coldwater, tropical as well as marine water. Due to its finer size, you can simply mix it with other substrates like aquarium soil or sand and get an excellent planting medium.

White quartz sand increases the surface area and improves anaerobic activity. It is perfect for the bottom feeders and the barbed fish. It comprises inert properties and coated in safe so that the fish keeping gets hassle-free.


  • Enhances the visual impact of the tank and makes a great decorative element
  • Suitable to use as a planting medium after mixing with other aquarium substrates
  • Ideal for all type of fish- tropical, cold or marine


The product will weigh around 450 gm. Remove the white quartz from the packet and wash it until all the dust and debris cleanse out. Not gently place it at the bottom of the tank or mix it with other suitable substrates. The fine particle size of the white quartz sand makes it ideal for all types of tank, plants, and fish. Later, slowly disperse the water without disturbing the substrate. Clean off the stains of the aquarium substrate from the glass or surroundings.

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