Black Sugar Sand Gravel, 450g

Black Sugar Sand Gravel, 450g

White Quartz Sand, 450g

White Quartz Sand, 450g

Aqua Clay Gravel, 450g

Qty: 450g

Widely used for keeping the water clean in Tropical aquarium and is helpful in growth of plants.

Gives a natural foreground look to the aquarium. This Gravel gives superior filtering effect for Tropical fish and planted aquarium. Optimum water purification can be achieved effortlessly. Highly porous structure intensifies both nitrifying and denitrifying biological filtration functionality.


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Aqua clay gravel is one of the best choices for the freshwater aquariums. There are certain plants as well as fish that prefer gravel more than any other substrate to flourish in the tank. This aqua gravel is equipped with nontoxic coating. It ensures not altering the health of the fish or the ambiance of the tank. Being natural river gravel, it does not contribute to raising the hardness of the water. You can easily mix it with other substrates to give a natural look to your tank.

The best part is aqua gravel comes in a variety of colors. You can get the colors which complement the fish and customize the tank to add to the appearance of it.

There are immense benefits that aqua clay gravel endows to the aquarium.

  • It allows the water to flow through it which prevents the buildup of harmful bacteria in the substrate
  • Aqua gravel is heavy and therefore doesn’t clog the aquarium filters which may make them less efficient.
  • It is perfect if you are having goldfish in the tank because they ingest the aquarium sand leading to their intestinal blockage.

Instructions: This aquarium clay gravel is easy to use and set up in the tank. You can combine it with the other aquarium substrates to make the tank look aesthetically sound. Later, slowly disperse the water without disturbing the substrate. Adding water may create slight cloudiness in the tank which will subside after a few hours of water filtration. Clean off the stains of the aquarium substrate from the glass or surroundings.

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