Lindernia rotundifolia

Lindernia rotundifolia

Sagittaria sp. Narrow Leaf

Sagittaria sp. Narrow Leaf

Alternanthera sessilis "Purple"

Qty:3 Stems in 1 Net pot

Size:  6 cm height

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Overview: Alternanthera sessilis “Purple” belongs to the family Amaranthaceae and is native to South America. It is more commonly known as purple mint. As the name signifies, this is a beautiful plant that has purple leaves and stems. The attractive color and unique arrangement of leaves makes Alternanthera sessilis “Purple” suitable for aquariums. The plant intensifies the beauty of the aquarium multiple times and makes it look more appealing. Easy to grow and maintain, it can be grown at aquariums and terrarium or Paludarium. Although it is a wonderful aquatic plant, it cannot survive in submerged conditions for more than a few months.

Appearance: Alternanthera sessilis “Purple” is a small bushy plant that has purple color stems and leaves. The stems are sturdy, and leaves are pointed. The entire plant looks excellent and adds to the beauty of the tank manifolds. Due to purple and reddish tinge on the leaves and stem, it adds to the vibrancy of the tank as well. Planting Alternanthera sessilis “Purple” in a group of two or three will give the best result. It can be used as a foreground or midground plant to bring the right contrast of colors in the aquarium.

Hard/soft plant: With sturdy leaves, Alternanthera sessilis “Purple” comes under a hardy plant.

Ideal water temperature: Temperature between 18 to 30 degrees centigrade is considered best for Alternanthera sessilis “Purple” to flourish.

Lighting conditionsAlternanthera sessilis “Purple” is a high light-demanding plant. It needs plenty of light to develop the red or purple color in the leaves and stems. If there is a lack of light and essential micronutrients, the plant will become pale in color, lose its vibrancy, and not look attractive.

Ideal pH: The plant thrives well when the pH is within the range of 6-7.5.

Do you know: With the right intensity of light and nutrients, Alternanthera sessilis “Purple” can attain beautiful purple color in its leaves and stems. You can achieve different colors depending upon the intensity of light you are supplying to the plant.

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