Limnophila Aromatica Green

Limnophila Aromatica Green

Alternanthera sessilis Purple

Alternanthera sessilis "Purple"

Lindernia rotundifolia

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Overview: A beautiful background plant, Lindernia rotundifolia, looks amazing in the aquarium. It gives a vibrant look to the tank with its attractive green color leaves and stem. Also known as round leaf lindernia and Lindernia - Variegated, the plant belongs to the Linderniaceae family and is native to warm regions in both the Eastern and Western Hemisphere. It is a medium demanding plant and is easy to grow and maintain. It can survive easily in submerged condition and adds to the grace and beauty of the tank. With a high growth rate, the plant proliferates and expands inside the aquarium, taking a good space.

Appearance: Lindernia rotundifolia is a beautifully marbled variant that is suitable to grow in aquariums. The plant has straight upright growth habit with thin stems and small round leaves along with long internodes. The fleshy green color makes the plant extremely attractive. It can be grown as a background plant or as a solitary mid-ground plant wherein the leaves grow tightly from top to bottom. It quickly forms compact groups; therefore, you have to prune the plant after regular intervals. The undemanding habit and rapidly proliferating nature make it ideal to be used by the beginners as well. Plant Lindernia rotundifolia to add beautiful green contrast to the tank and intensify its beauty.

Hard/soft plant: Lindernia rotundifolia is a delicate plant and comes under the category of soft plants.

Ideal water temperature: Temperature between 22 to 28 degrees centigrade is considered perfect for Lindernia rotundifolia to flourish.

Lighting conditions: Although the light requirement is low, it is suggested to plant Lindernia rotundifolia is a proper lit condition. The growth rate of the plant is slow. If you want to achieve faster growth, include carbon dioxide and other essential micronutrients.

Ideal pH: The plant thrives well when the pH is within the range of 6-7.5.

Do you know: To attain the best view with Lindernia rotundifolia, plant it with red plants like Bacopa sp Red and Ludwigia sp. The green leaves will bring perfect contrast with the red plants and make the tank more vibrant and attractive.

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