Anubias Lanceolata

Anubias Lanceolata

Anubias 'Butterfly'

Anubias 'Butterfly'

Anubias 'Dragon Claw'

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Anubias 'Dragon Claw'
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Overview: One of the captivating species of Anubias, Anubias Dragon Claw is known for its unique appearance that brings more grace to any ordinary aquarium. It belongs to Araceae family and is native to tropical central and western Africa where it can be seen growing in semi-aquatic areas like rivers, streams and marshes. The aesthetic appeal and undemanding nature of Anubias Dragon Claw makes it one of the most preferred plants among the aquarists- both novice and experts. 

Appearance: The lush dark green intricately patterned leaves of Anubias Dragon Claw make it look strikingly beautiful. Since the leaves resemble the large claws of dragon, therefore it is named as Anubias Dragon Claw. The leaves are broad, sturdy, slightly elongated with intricate vein patterns. This aquatic plant does not grow too tall but stays moderate, making it ideal for various aquascaping arrangements. 

Hard/Soft Plant:  Anubias Dragon Claw is a rhizomatous plant; therefore, considered as a hardy specie of Anubias. The rhizome, from which the plant's roots and leaves emerge, should not be buried in the substrate; instead, it can be attached to rocks or driftwood. This unique growth pattern enhances the plant's adaptability and resilience in diverse aquarium conditions.

Ideal Water Temperature: Thriving well in tropical climatic conditions, Anubias Dragon Claw requires temperature between 22°C to 28°C. It is essential to maintain the right water temperature and other water conditions so that the plant grows optimally and have a good overall health. 

Lighting Conditions: Moderate to low light conditions are well-suited for the proper growth and development of Anubias Dragon Fly. Therefore, if the aquarium witnesses varying light intensities, the plant grows well. LED lights with a color temperature in the range of 5000K to 7000K are generally recommended. Proper lighting will ensure that Anubias Dragon Fly will photosynthesize and prepare its food. 

Ideal pH Level: Anubias Dragon Claw prefers slightly acidic to neutral water conditions, with an ideal pH range between 6.0 to 7.5. Ensuring a stable pH level within this range contributes to the plant's well-being and supports the overall health of the aquarium ecosystem.

Other Requirements: Maintaining good water quality will enhance the growth of Anubias Dragon Claw. Ensure regular water changes, substrate fertilization, and the addition of liquid or root tab fertilizers containing essential nutrients like iron for the best results. Usually, there is no requirement of carbon dioxide as this plant can thrive in setups without additional carbon dioxide.

Propagation: Propagation of Anubias Dragon Claw is achieved through division. As the plant grows, it develops new rhizomes that can be separated and attached to other surfaces in the aquarium. Care should be taken to ensure that each divided section has both roots and leaves to facilitate successful propagation.

Do You Know: Anubias Dragon Claw is known for its compatibility with a variety of freshwater fish and invertebrates. Its robust structure provides excellent hiding places for small aquatic creatures, promoting a harmonious and naturalistic environment in the aquarium. Additionally, its slow growth rate makes it an ideal choice for low-maintenance tanks.

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