Anubias nana 'Long Wavy'

Anubias nana 'Long Wavy'

Anubias 'Dragon Claw'

Anubias 'Dragon Claw'

Anubias Lanceolata

Anubias Lanceolata

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Overview: Belonging to Araceae family, hailing from Anubias genus and native to West Africa, Anubias Lanceolate is a beautiful aquatic plant and one of the foremost choice of aquarists due to its undemanding nature. It is well-known for its graceful appearance that brings stunning contrast and a touch of elegance to underwater landscapes to the tank. The versatile nature of Anubias Lanceolate makes it suitable for both novice and experienced aquarists.

Appearance: The Anubias Lanceolata is characterized by its lance-shaped leaves; thus, named so. The vibrant green coloration of the plant, especially he leaves bring beautiful contrast to the tank. The leaves are relatively broad and grow on a sturdy rhizome. Anubias Lanceolata has a moderate height, making it a versatile addition to various aquascaping layouts, from midground to background positions.

Hard/Soft Plant: Anubias Lanceolata is a rhizomatous plant that makes it fall under the category of hardy aquatic plants. The rhizome should be attached to rocks or driftwood rather than buried in the substrate. This growth pattern enhances the plant's resilience and adaptability to different aquarium conditions.

Ideal Water Temperature: Anubias Lanceolata requires temperature between 22°C to 28°C as it is a tropical plant that thrives perfectly in tropical climatic conditions. It is essential to maintain the right water temperature and other water conditions so that the plant grows optimally and have a good overall health.

Lighting Conditions: Anubias Lanceolata requires moderate to low light conditions for the proper growth and development. If the aquarium witnesses varying light intensities, this aquatic plant will grow exceptionally well. Additionally, it is recommended to provide LED lights with a color temperature in the range of 5000K to 7000K.

Ideal pH Level: Slightly acidic to neutral water conditions, with an ideal pH range between 6.0 to 7.5 is the ideal pH condition for Anubias Lanceolata. 

Other Requirements: To ensure the optimal growth of Anubias Lanceolata, it is essential to maintain good water quality. Regular water changes, substrate fertilization, and the addition of liquid or root tab fertilizers containing essential nutrients, such as iron, can be beneficial. CO2 supplementation is generally not required, as the plant can thrive in setups without additional carbon dioxide.

Propagation: Anubias Lanceolata can be propagated through division. As the plant grows, new rhizomes develop, and these can be separated and attached to other surfaces in the aquarium. Care should be taken to include both roots and leaves in each divided section to support successful propagation.

Do You Know: Anubias Lanceolata is an excellent choice for aquariums containing herbivorous fish, as its robust leaves are less likely to be consumed compared to more delicate aquatic plants. Its ability to withstand nibbling makes it a valuable addition to community tanks with a variety of fish species.

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