Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Tropica'

Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Tropica'

Cryptocoryne parva

Cryptocoryne parva

Cardamine lyrata

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Overview: Hailing from and distributed in parts of East Asia like Korea, Japan, China, and Far Eastern Russia, Cardamine Iyrata is a marsh plant believed to be one of the best for aquariums. It thrives well in the marshy and moist conditions. Whether you are living in tropical or cold climatic conditions, it will suit well for your fish tank. Also known as Japanese Cress the plant grows very fast and creeps all over the surface of the tank. It is easy in cultivation and great for aquascaping. If you want to give an aesthetic view of the aquarium, this creeping plant could become your ultimate choice.

Appearance: The tendrils of the plant consist of broad kidney-shaped leaves. The nodes of the stem grow roots. However, the dense growth of the plant does not make them easily visible. It gives a nice visual appearance to the entire tank that can easily grab the attention of viewers. The climbing nature of the plant helps in providing an amazing view of the entire aquarium. Due to its bushy growth, you can use it as a mid ground plant. Generally, the stems go as long as 30 to 70 cm. the shoot tips form an inflorescence of white flowers.

Hard/soft Plant: It is a medium soft tendril-bearing plant.

Ideal water temperature: Not the entire plant but the leaves are seen to be dependent on the temperature. If the temperature is 20 °C or less, the leaves become larger in size. However, under high temperature conditions of above 24 °C, they become tiny.

Lightening conditions: The plant requires high-intensity light for flourishing well. Under the insufficient supply of light, the stems and leaves grow very thing and smaller.

Ideal pH level: The ideal pH level ranges between 5 to 8.

Do you know: You can propagate Cardamine Iyrata easily by cutting off the stem and re-planting it into the substrate. Lateral shoots can also be used for the purpose.

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