Cardamine lyrata

Cardamine lyrata

Staurogyne sp. 'Porto Velho'

Staurogyne sp. 'Porto Velho'

Cryptocoryne parva

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Overview: Also called as Dwarf Water Trumpet, Cryptocoryne Parva is the smallest crypt which you may use in the aquarium. With the origin at central highlands of Sri Lanka, it is not commonly used as a wonderful aquascaping plant. It is one of those species which do not alter the color of leaves with the environment. Moreover, its form also remains the same. The plant requires more light as compared to the other crypts and gives an aesthetic view to the tank. You can use Cryptocoryne Parva either as a foreground plant or as small bushes to provide beautiful hardscape on the borders. It is a slow grower and takes around six months to give a low carpet view in the aquarium.

Appearance: The leaves of the plants are lanceolate when it is cultivated emerged. However, in the submersed form, they are narrow and look very artistic. The name dwarf is given because it is small in size and therefore makes a perfect one to use as a foreground plant. No matter what the environmental conditions are, the plant always remains small in size. It is a non-flowering plant. If you have a nano aquarium, Cryptocoryne Parva is the best aquarium plant for you. Forming a glass-like lawn, it is best for aquascaping as well.

Hard/soft Plant: The plant is considered a medium hardy plant and can survive well.

Ideal water temperature: It can easily tolerate the temperature range between 15 - 28°C.

Lightening conditions: It requires more light for flourishing as compared to other species of Crypts.

Ideal pH level: Between 5-8 is the ideal pH level of this plant.

Do you know: Being a slow grower, it is recommended to plant Cryptocoryne Parva with small spacing as it takes time to spread like a carpet on the tank’s surface.

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