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Didiplis diandra

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Didiplis diandra
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Overview: Commonly known as Peplis Diandra, it is a beautiful stem plant from the Lythraceae family. The plant originated in the USA and is often found in lakes and streams. The thin needle-like leaves of the plant give an extraordinary look to the tank and enhance the aesthetics. When grown in proper water conditions, the leaves exhibit beautiful and attractive red tips on the leaves. It gives a proper bushy effect when planted in bunches or groups. It is an easy to care plant that has a slow growth rate. So, a perfect aquarium plant for beginners. 

Appearance: Didiplis Diandra is one of the most beautiful and attractive looking aquarium plants. It attains a height between 4 and 12 inches. What makes it unique and different from others is the thin needle like leaves in which the tips are bright red in color. With high light and carbon dioxide supplementation, the reddish tinge appears more prominent and makes the plant looks eye-catching. It is a great addition to bring contrasting colors to the tank. 

Hard/soft plant: It is a hardy plant that requires little maintenance. 

Ideal water temperature: Temperature between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius is suitable for getting a good growth of Didiplis Diandra. 

Lightening conditions: Moderate to high light conditions ensure that the plant will flourish well. Talking about carbon dioxide supplementation, it is not necessary but, when provided, helps in getting good and attractive colors on the leaves. 

Ideal pH level: Make sure that the pH of water is between 6.0 and 7.5.

Propagation: Didiplis Diandra is propagated through stem cutting. Just like any other stem plant, all you need is to cut anywhere along the stem and replant the cuttings. When grown in close proximity, the plant shows a bushy growth. If you want to keep the plant low growing and spreading laterally, trim frequently and grow under high light conditions. 

Do you know: Didiplis Diandra is a delicate aquarium plant that has dense foliage. It is a bushy and relatively low-growing plant that attains bright reddish color on the left tips only when provided with high light intensity. 

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