Ludwigia Atlantis Dark Orange

Ludwigia Atlantis Dark Orange

Polygonum sp. 'Sao Paulo

Polygonum sp. 'Sao Paulo'

Flame moss

Flame moss

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Overview: The scientific name of the beautiful aquarium moss, Flame Moss, is Taxiphyllum sp. ‘Flame.’ Basically, the specie Taxiphyllum has many moss varieties, and ‘Flame’ is one of them. Originated in South Asia and South-East Asia, it is a gorgeous creeping aquatic moss that has gained huge popularity among aquarists in the recent past. It can be found in the rivers with free-flowing cold water. The extraordinary way this moss covers the entire tank with its green glimmer makes it suitable for all types of tanks. It is perfect for making the tank look greener and is often used as an ornamental plant in the freshwater aquarium. 

Appearance: Flame moss has thick shoots that grow 4 to 6 inches in length. However, in fully emersed conditions, the moss does not grow more than 3 inches in length. The twirling shoots intertwining with one another is the typical feature of Flame moss that makes it unique. It gives an image of a burning flame, depicting why it is named so. Aquarists can grow flame moss as a moss tree or on driftwood. If the interest is more towards growing it as a carpet, it could be tricky as this moss prefers growing upwards rather than sideways. 

Hard/soft plant: Flame Moss is a soft plant, and a strong water current may rip the shoots off. 

Ideal water temperature: The suitable water temperature is between 20 and 28 degrees Celsius. It prefers cooler water with gradual water circulation. Make sure the aquarium filter is adjusted to slow circulation, or else the flame moss will rip off the surface. 

Lightening conditions: Flame moss is perfect for low-tech aquariums as it does not require strong light to grow or photosynthesize. In fact, if this moss is exposed to a lengthy period of sunshine or light, the leaves will start wilting. So, make sure Flame Moss does not get direct light that produces UV rays. Cool light colors that imitate a cloudy day are suitable for Flame Moss growth. 

Ideal pH level: Flame Moss thrives well when planted in the tank with a pH between 6 and 7.5. The hardness of the water should be low. 

Propagation: Cut the fragments of Flame Moss with a scissor or knife and plant the smaller pieces into the substrate. Soon they start spreading and grow just like their parents.

Do you know: Flame moss exhibit a typical flame-like structure when grown in emersed or submerged condition. The stalks prefer growing in an upward direction rather than sideways, which depicts flame.

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