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Salvinia natans

Limnophila Sp. Shaggy

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Limnophila Sp. Shaggy
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Overview: Limnophila Sp. Shaggy is an attractive aquatic stem plant that belongs to the Plantaganaceae family. It hails from the Asian region and is native to India and Sri Lanka to the Philippines and Australia as it grows well in their climatic conditions. Limnophila is popularly known as marsh weed. It is a perennial herb, often found growing in swamps and marshes. Even though it is tolerant to wide water parameters, providing the right temperature, pH, and light conditions will help in good growth. 

Appearance: Limnophila Sp. Shaggy is a green-colored aquatic plant that looks attractive with a flower-like leaf pattern. The growth rate of the plant is fast, and it turns tall without regular trimming. Therefore, it will be good to use it as a background plant. The texture of the leaf is coarser, making it unique. When grown in clusters, it looks very alluring. 

Hard/Soft Plant: Limnophila Sp. Shaggy has moderate hardiness. 

Ideal water temperature: The temperature should remain between 18 and 24 degree Celsius. Along with it, the environment should stay humid, warm, and well-lit. 

Lightening Conditions: Limnophila Sp. Shaggy requires medium-light conditions for the best growth. 

Ideal pH level: 6.5 to 7.5 is the ideal pH for the best growth.

Propagation- Limnophila Sp. Shaggy can be propagated by cutting and replanting the side shoots. Over time, they develop roots and start growing as new plant.

Do you know- Limnophila Sp. Shaggy requires aggressive trimming. It encourages the development of side shoots, helping plants to become bushy. 

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