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Salvinia natans

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Salvinia natans
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Overview: Salvinia natans is popularly known as floating fern, floating moss, and floating water moss. It belongs to the Salviniaceae family and is an inhabitant of freshwater aquariums. The light green leaves of the plant are intricately designed that resembles a butterfly; therefore, it is also commonly called butterfly wings. Salvinia natans loves plenty of sunlight and humid air and is native to Africa, Asia, and Central Europe and is introduced as aquatic species in other countries. 

Appearance: Salvinia natans is a gorgeous aquatic plant, light green in color and 2 to 3 inches thick. The plant consists of two nickel-sized leaves that lie flat against the surface of the water, giving an aesthetic look. The third leaf acts like a root and stays submerged in the water. The presence of an air-filled pouch-like structure in the leaves helps them stay afloat.  

Hard/Soft Plant: Salvinia natans is a sturdy fern. 

Ideal water temperature: The temperature should remain between 17 and 21 degree Celsius for Salvinia natans to thrive. Along with it, the environment should stay humid, warm, and well-lit. 

Lightening Conditions: Salvinia natans prefer bright light conditions to flourish. Even though the plant can survive in partial shade, it loves direct sunlight. Therefore, providing light close to sunlight in an aquarium becomes necessary. Either keep the tank close to the window or install strong LEDs. Using UV lighting or full-spectrum will help the most. 

Ideal pH level: 6.5 to 7.5 is ideal pH for Salvinia natans to grow and flourish.

Propagation- Salvinia natans is a pleurocarpous plant; that is, it grows outwards. The lower portion of the plant or plant base consists of a spore case that helps reproduction. Once propagated, Salvinia sprouts come out that consist of spores. Over time, the spores quickly develop into new plants and cover the entire water surface. Therefore, regular pruning is a must.

Do you know- Due to intense growth, Salvinia natans cover the water surface, restricting light from entering inside and reaching deep underwater. Due to the same reason, it provides enough safe hiding places for fish to breed. However, if you have plants in your aquarium, it can hinder their growth by interrupting photosynthesis. Other plants may starve for light in the presence of Salvinia natans; therefore, trim regularly.


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