Hygrophila corymbosa

Hygrophila corymbosa

Nomaphila Siamensis

Nomaphila Siamensis

Ludwigia glandulosa

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Overview: Hailing from North America, Ludwigia glandulosa is a beautiful perennial aquatic plant that grows as herbs or forbs. The red stems and green leaves with a tinge of orange, red, and purple color bring vibrancy to the tank. It is one of those plants which intensify the beauty and overall appearance of an aquarium. However, Ludwigia glandulosa is a demanding plant and sustain only under favorable conditions. This plant is often labeled as "Ludwigia perennis" or "Ludwigia peruensis" in trade. It comes from family Onagraceae grow partially or fully submerged. Therefore, it is put under the category of amphibious plants.

Appearance: L. glandulosa attains a height of one foot when favorable conditions are provided. The width of the stem is 12 to 15 centimeters. The leaves turn red or purple when they receive sufficient light. They are oval in shape and pointed from the tip. The leaves grow in pairs alternately along the stem. The plant gives the best look when planted in groups rather alone. The growth rate of the plant is slow to moderate. The best thing about the plant is you can keep the foliage green or give them different colors that depend upon the illumination it is exposed to. While moderate light retains the green color, more intensity of light brings hues of red and purple colors.

Hard/soft plant: It is a hard plant.

Ideal water temperature: The ideal temperature range is 20 to 27 degrees C in which the plant grows well and flourishes, enhancing the look of the tank completely.

Lighting conditions: Ludwigia glandulosa is a relatively demanding aquarium plant that requires a high intensity of the light to show its true colors. Light with low intensity fades the color of leaves. Plants show poor growth, and the lower leaves start shedding off before the entire plant dies. Therefore light is one of the major requirements with Ludwigia glandulosa.

Ideal pH: The plant thrives well when the pH is within the range of 6-7.5.

Do you know: You can achieve the colorations you want with Ludwigia glandulosa. All that you need is to adjust the light and provide the vital nutrients. Low light will keep the leaves green while high light intensity brings red and purple colors.


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