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Ludwigia glandulosa

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Mayaca Fluviatilis

Nomaphila Siamensis

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Nomaphila Siamensis (common name: Hygrophila Corymbosa)
Overview: Native to Southeast Asia, Nomaphila Siamensis is a robust aquarium plant that is easily available and undemanding in nature. This plant can tolerate a varied level of water hardness and pH levels but care must be taken that this plant is also provided with the vital nutrients like any other aquatic plant. Lack of macronutrients, often result in loss of coloration and stunted growth. This is ideal as a midground and background plant in aquariums. In submerged form, It sprouts beautiful purple flowers that increase the aesthetic appeal of aquariums manifold.

Appearance: This water plant is a sturdy aquatic stem plant bearing large lanceolate leaves. The top of the leaves is dark green in color while the bottom part is silver. Overall, the leaves impart a bronze color hue and enhance the beauty of any aquascape. The leaves have smooth edges and a short petiole. In submerged conditions, Nomaphila Siamensis bears pretty purple flowers.

Hard/Soft plant: Hard plant.

Ideal water temperature conditions: Prefers tropical water temperatures between 22 and 28 degree Celsius.

Lighting conditions: Nomaphila Siamensis thrives in medium to high lighting levels. However, it must be taken into account that light intensity with respect to iron deficiency may cause iron deficiency and discoloration of leaves.

Ideal pH conditions: Nomaphila Siamensis tolerates pH levels between 5 and 9 and water hardness medium to hard.

Functions and uses:

1) Nomaphila Siamensis is a great option as midground and background plants in aquariums.

Did you know?

Nomaphila Siamensis propagates easily by cutting off a shoot and planting it in the substrate. Pruning is recommended because of it’s fast growth and can be done by cutting the top shoots and inducing ramification.

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