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Ludwigia palustris "Hi Red"

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Ludwigia palustris "Hi Red"
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Overview: Ludwigia palustris ‘Hi Red’ is for all the aquarists who want to bring colors and contrasts to their tank. With its deep red color, this plant stands out in the aquarium and enhances the entire look. Being a full-on potentially dark super red plant, it is suitable for all types of tanks. When proper light is provided, it exhibits bright colors and easily catches the attention. Ludwigia palustris ‘Hi Red’ originated in North America and is a typical stem plant. The growth rate is usually medium, but regular pruning is essential to form a bush like structure. 

Appearance: Ludwigia palustris ‘Hi Red’ is a stem plant that grows to the height of 10 to 30 cm. Each stalk becomes 2 to 4 cm wide under proper water conditions. From the main stem emerges side shoots, and regular cutting makes the plant denser. As the name says, the plant, especially the leaves, are intensely red. In good light conditions and with an iron-rich substrate, the red color gets more intense, making the plant the center of attention. 

Hard/soft plant: It is a hard stem plant that can thrive well under suitable water parameters.

Ideal water temperature: The most suitable range for Ludwigia palustris ‘Hi Red’ is between 18 and 28 degrees Celsius. However, it can flourish even under minor fluctuations as well. Additional carbon dioxide is not necessary. 

Lightening conditions: Although Ludwigia palustris ‘Hi Red’ can survive in low to moderate lighting conditions, providing 6 to 8 hours of light every day is sufficient to obtain the desired red color on the leaves. Many people avoid lighting for more than 8 hours as it welcomes algae growth. However, if you have algae preventive measures in the tank, the high light intensity will ensure intense red color on the leaves. 

Ideal pH level: pH between 5 and 7 is suitable for the growth of Ludwigia palustris ‘Hi Red’.

Propagation: Ludwigia palustris ‘Hi Red’ is a stem plant. To propagate it, all you need is to cut the stem and replant it. The roots emerge from the stem cuttings after some days. If the tank has an iron-rich substrate, the process of root development gets faster.

Do you know: Multiple varieties of Ludwigia are in aquarium cultivation, but Ludwigia palustris ‘Hi Red’ adds more texture and color to the tank due to the deep red color leaves and stem.

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