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Rotala Rotundifolia 'Hi Red'

Staurogyne sp. brown

Staurogyne sp. brown

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Overview: Hailing from the Acanthaceae family, Staurogyne sp. Brown is one of the most popular aquarium plants. Although the genes Staurogyne have multiple varieties of aquarium plants, this particular specie is known for its typical green and broad leaves that eventually turn brown under submerged conditions. While some aquarists prefer plating it as a mid-ground plant, it can also be used as a foreground plant due to its small growing habit. When the plant is provided with enough nutrients and high light, the leaves start turning brownish, clearly explaining why it is named so. 

Appearance: Staurogyne sp. Brown is a stem plant with green and round leaves. When the plant is grown in submerged conditions, the color of the leaves starts turning brown to cognac. It makes the tank look unique and the plant different from other aquarium plants. It is suitable for both- mid-ground and foreground settings. Basically, it is an interesting ground-covering plant with a bit of creeping growing habits. But to make it appear like a bush, regular pruning or trimming is a must. It ensures that the stem will not creep but form a bushy shape. 

Hard/soft plant: Staurogyne sp. Brown is a hardy plant that can survive well in diverse water conditions. However, under a suitable range of temperature and pH, the plant exhibits stunning growth and color.

Ideal water temperature: The most suitable temperature range for Staurogyne sp. Brown is from 15 to 30 degrees Celsius. While it is beneficial for the plant to get a suitable water temperature for good growth, it can strive well under diverse conditions as well.

Lightening conditions: The leaves of Staurogyne sp. Brown remain green when low to medium light conditions are provided to them; however, under submerged and high light conditions, the leaves start turning brown, typical of its nature. It makes the plant center of attention.

Ideal pH level: The suitable pH range for Staurogyne sp. Brown is between 5 and 7.

Propagation: The plant can be propagated through stem cutting. All one need is to cut the stalk, preferably near the emerging stem, and plant it on the substrate. The roots will start coming out, and the cutting will establish as a new plant.

Do you know: Every species of Staurogyne is easy to care for and maintain. They are least demanding and can flourish in low nutrients, low light, and low carbon dioxide.


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