Polygonum sp. “Pink

Polygonum sp. “Pink”

Cryptocoryne Pontederiifolia

Cryptocoryne Pontederiifolia

Ludwigia sp 'Mini Super Red'

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Overview: If you want to give yur aquarium a tinge of red color, this plant could come to escape. Ludwigia sp 'Mini Super Red' is one of the most popular aquarium plants which are loved by aquarists the most. The striking red color and the requirement of freshwater for thriving make it one of the best to use. It makes a great background or middle highlighter plant and looks great with its intense red color. The best part of the plant is its trimmings can be replanted to make the area denser. The only thing that needs to keep in mind while planting it is you needs to maintain optimum high lighting condition to maintain the ultra-red color which is essential to attain its beauty.

Appearance: The prolific growth and red color when ideal conditions are provided make this plant one of the best for the aquariums. It attains the height of around 6 inches and may grow even taller. Therefore aquarists find it perfect as a background plant. The growth is fast, and you may use trimmings to replant it. Ludwigia sp 'Mini Super Red' is easy to care and maintain and is undemanding as well. This thin leaved plant survives well if supplemented with essential plant nutrients.

Hard/soft plant: Soft Plant.

Ideal water temperature: The plant thrives well when it dwells in temperature ranging between 18° - 28° C.

Lighting conditions: It is peculiar about the right lighting condition to get proper red color. Although medium to the high intensity of light is apt but with the high light, it retains the coloration accurately.

Ideal pH Level: It requires pH raging between 5.0 - 7.0.

Do you know: Ludwigia sp 'Mini Super Red' does not require substrate. The plant absorbs essential growth nutrients through the side roots. Therefore it can be attached to any other surface or even driftwood.

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