Nomaphila Siamensis

Nomaphila Siamensis

Java moss coconut cave

Java Moss Coconut Cave

Mayaca Fluviatilis

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Mayaca Fluviatilis (common name: Stream bogmoss)

Overview: Native to South America, it grows in swamps and wetlands and is extensively used as an aquarium plant worldwide. This versatile aquatic plant can be blended perfectly in Dutch as well as Japanese aquascapes, both as a trimmed hedge and as a midground plant. It’s fast yet controlled growth makes it an ideal choice for aquarists. It’s fairly undemanding in nature, and thrives under added Co2 and iron supplementation.

Appearance: It is characterized by it’s delicate spiky foliage that’s light green in color. The hint of silver in the leaves compliments other green plants in the fish tank. They grow approximately between 12 to 18 inches and preferred in medium and large aquariums. It is an indicator of iron deficiencies in the tank, by changing hues.

Hard/Soft plant: Soft plant

Idea water temperature conditions: Mayaca Fluviatilis grows well under tropical temperatures between 23 and 28 degree Celsius.
Lighting conditions: This aquarium plant demands bright lighting conditions for optimum growth. It also grows when exposed to moderate lighting but exhibits slower growth rate.

Ideal pH conditions: Mayaca Fluviatilis tolerates pH levels between 5 and 7 and the recommended water hardness for it’s survival is between 35.71 and 250 ppm.

Functions and uses: 
1) Due to the moderate height of Mayaca Fluviatilis, it is perfect as a midground plant as they will probably not grow higher than background plants.
2) They serve as great indicators of nutrient levels in the water by losing it’s color when the nutrients exhaust.

Did you know?

Mayaca Fluviatilis provides excellent foil to red plants. Due to it’s prolific branching and pearling properties, Mayaca Fluviatilis grows with vigour but in a much-controlled manner. And this unique property makes it a highly popular aquatic plant species among aquarists.

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