Anubias coffeefolia

Anubias coffeefolia

Floating coconut cave

Floating coconut cave

Pelia moss

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  • Makes the tank look greener and aesthetically more beautiful and attractive.
  • Looks best when placed in the foreground or middle of the tank.
  • Complements the aquatic plants with red, yellow, or purple colors
  • Easy to grow and maintain.
Pelia moss

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Pelia Moss could be an amazing addition to an aquarium. The scientific name of Pelia moss is Monosolenium tenerum and has its origin in Asia. It is a liverwort and does not have leaves. Although the green part of the plant resembles leaves, it is botanically called thallus. The thallus divides into fork-like branches, giving a cushion-formed growth. Pelia moss is heavier than water and therefore remains on the bottom. It only makes modest demands on the aquarium environment. 

Once the pelia moss starts flourishing, it spreads generously and forms attractive cushions on the bottom of the aquarium. Since the moss is delicate and brittle, you can start it by attaching it with a nylon line to a stone. Small sprays can be scattered between other plants such as Eleocharis that will prevent the moss from being carried about in the aquarium by fish or water circulation.

This moss can grow well in nearly any environment; it will typically grow in bush-like shapes and produces leaves that look similar to the horns of a stag. The rich and potent green gives it a very fresh and natural look that can spruce up any tank.

pH requirement- 5.0 to 8.0

Light Requirement- Medium to strong 

Temperature requirement- 15– 24 degree centigrade 

Care and maintenance- Although the plant is delicate, it can survive at any temperature. All you need is to provide a high intensity of light for the right growth. It can live in either acidic or alkaline-based water and flourish well.

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