Echinodorus Parviflorus Tropica

Echinodorus Parviflorus Tropica

Microsorum pteropus 'Windeløv'(Stag horn fern)

Microsorum pteropus 'Windeløv'(Stag horn fern)

Staurogyne repens


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Overview: Staurogyne repens resembles Hygrophila a lot. Being a green stemmed plant it endows an alluring look to the aquarium. It is perfect for nano aquariums. The creeping growth of the plant does not let it disturb the movements of the fish and let them wander freely. It is hardy and therefore requires less maintenance. The stems are green in color and provide a natural look to the ecosystem of the aquarium.  It assists in increasing the level of oxygen in the water and reducing the nitrates. Thereby it helps to a great extent in balancing the quality of water. This is a perfect plant to set accents in crevices and fill the gaps in the hardscape.

Appearance: Staurogyne Repens is a beautiful carpet plant. It stems laterally and provides a carpet like formation at the base of the aquarium. The leaves are bright green. The plant is compact comprising low and bushy stature. The stiff green, brownish stem makes the whole plant an alluring one to grow in the aquarium. The maximum height attained by the plant is 3 to 10 cm with the width of 5 to 10 cm. Leaves grow to the length of 4 to 4.5 cm with the width of 1 cm. The white flowers of the plant add to the beauty of the aquarium manifolds.

Hard/soft plant: Hard plant

Ideal water temperature: The plant thrives well in the temperature of 68-82° F.

Lighting conditions: It requires strong light conditions to flourish well. Apart from this, adding CO2 is also needed to make the plant prosper. Under low light conditions, the sprouts start getting upright growth instead of creeping, and this hampers the carpet like the growth of the plant.

Ideal pH Level: For perfect growth, the water must have the pH in between 6.0-8.0.

Do you know: The plant propagates by cutting the shoots. It requires captive condition as well as proper care for thriving. Adding fertilizers speed up the growth making the plant perfect for the aquarium.

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