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Water trumpet(Cryptocoryne Wendtii)

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Water trumpet (scientific name: Cryptocoryne Wendtii)

Overview: Native to the tropical regions of Asia and New Guinea, Cryptocoryne wendtii or water trumpets are monocot aquatic plants that inhabit the slow moving rivers and streams or forest pools or river banks that are submerged only when water levels are high. Water trumpets can be used in aquariums as a foreground plant in larger tanks with good lighting. In smaller aquariums, water trumpets are used as distinct background plants.

Appearance: There are various species of Cryptocoryne ranging from reds, greens, browns and even a combination of one or more colors. The name Cryptocoryne comes from the Greek words, “Krypto” which means hidden, and “Coryne” meaning club and refers to the flower of the plant. The name water trumpet is because of the flower shape, which is a spathe enclosed inside a spadix, resembling the shape of a trumpet. The leaves can grow anywhere between 5 and 18 inches.

Hard/Soft plant: Hard plant

Ideal water temperature: Water trumpet prefers tropical temperatures ranging between 20 and 33 degree Celsius.

Lighting conditions: Cryptocoryne wendtii tolerates low and medium lighting levels, but exhibits longer foliage under low light. T5 or T8 fluoroscent light can be used to mimic full spectrum lighting. Recently, LED lights are gaining popularity among aquarists for Cryptocoryne wendtii.

Ideal pH conditions: Cryptocoryne wendtii tolerates pH levels between 6.5 and 7.5.

Functions and advantages: The varied sizes of Crytocoryne make them an excellent addition in aquariums. Whether it is used as a foreground, midground or background plant in aquascaping, Cryptocoryne wendtii blends in perfectly.

Did you know?

Propagation is relatively easy and can be achieved by simply cutting off some parts of the root with stem attached to it and planting in the substrate. Soon after this, new plants will slowly begin to develop.


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