Taiyo Aini Fast Red Fish Food

Taiyo Aini Fast Red Fish Food, 100g

Shrimp Algae Food, 100ml

Shrimp Algae Food, 100ml

Taiyo Tropical Flake food, 25g

  • Perfect fish food for the right growth and development
  • Protein rich formula makes it nutritious
  • It comprises a multivitamin complex that boosts the immune system
  • Induce vibrant coloration
  • Suitable for tropical fish
Taiyo Tropical Flake food

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Taiyo Tropical flake food is one of the most popular fish foods for tropical fish like tetras, barbs, livebearers, small cichlids, Gouramis, etc. The special formulation of the fish flakes makes them suitable for everyday use. They are perfect if you have tropical fish in your aquarium and looking for the best fish flakes for the right growth of the fish.

Since these fish flakes are abundantly rich in different types of vitamins, a regular intake of them ensures improved immune systems and suitable growth. If you want to make your tank's creatures healthy and colorful, Taiyo Tropical Flake Food is the best as it has added lecithin and alfalfa.

Ingredients: Fish meal, krill, soya bean meal, wheat flour, alfalfa powder, yeast, fish oil, multivitamins, minerals, and lecithin.

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