Red Panda Guppy

Red Panda Guppy

Platinum Mosaic Dumbo (Big Ear) Guppy

Platinum Mosaic Dumbo (Big Ear) Guppy

Blue Mosaic Guppy

Size: 1.5 cm

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Overview: Extremely vivid in look, Blue Mosiac guppy looks exotic and adds to the vibrancy of the tank. As the name signifies, Blue Mosaic Guppy is blue in color and looks very beautiful. The distinctive tail of this species makes it unique and exclusive. The silver lining with a striking tinge of blue provides a plush look to this fish that ultimately makes the tank appear lavish. The size of the fish may range between 2 to 4.5 cm. The maximum size they may attain is 6 cm.

The best part of adding them in the tank is their tendency to adapt easily. If you are looking for a fish which make the tank look energetic, blue mosaic guppy could be your ultimate choice.

Distribution and Habitat: Guppies are tropical fish and one of the foremost choices of the aquarists. They are widely distributed in the tropical parts of the world. One can find blue mosaic guppies swirling in the streams, pools and even in large water bodies. Other than highly temperate areas, guppies can survive easily without much hassle. The exotic look and flamboyancy this fish provides to the tank are unbeatable.

Temperature requirement: Blue Mosaic Guppies require a temperature between 18 and 28 degree Celsius. This wide range of temperature preference makes it ideal for most of the parts of the world to use in the aquarium.

Water condition: Blue Mosaic Guppies are easy to maintain. They are not very demanding and can thrive well in diverse water conditions. However, these fish prefer hard water conditions. With the capability to resist a high level of salinity, it is ideal for tropical marine tanks and marine aquaria. The pH requirement ranges from 6.5 to 7.5.

Breeding: Tropical water conditions are ideal for the Blue Mosaic Guppies to breed and reproduce.  However, for the best breeding environment, the temperature ranging between 22.2 to 26.1 degree Celsius is considered the best. Since they are livebearers, breeding them is not a problem.

Feeding: Fish flakes could be an ideal feed for the blue mosaic guppies. Other than fish flakes, one can also give live foods like micro worms. It is essential to feed the adult blue mosaic guppies well to prevent them from feeding their young ones. Egg yolk and liquid fish food also make an ideal choice.

Compatibility: Blue Mosaic Guppies are not fussy water creatures. However, in a community tank, it is better to keep them where there no long finned fish. The ideal number to keep together is 3 or more, where 2 females for every 1 make is an ideal condition.

Lifespan: The lifespan of guppies is around 1 to 2 years, depending upon their ambiance and water quality. Blue mosaic guppies also have a longer reproductive lifespan, and they can easily proliferate in diverse water conditions.

Did You Know?

Guppies accidentally were once meant to use as mosquito control. They were expected to eat mosquito larvae and help to control malaria.

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