Half Black Guppy

Half Black Guppy

Blue Moscow Guppy

Blue Moscow Guppy

Cobra Guppy

SIZE: 1 inch

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Overview: Cobra Guppy, as the name indicates, has fascinating spots all over the body that resembles cobra’s skin. These spots are present on both male and female cobra guppies; however, they are more vibrant in males as compared to females. Guppies are the most popular fish breed among aquarists as well as breeders. Due to their exotic appearance and bright colors, they can make your tank look extremely vivacious and lively. Since Cobra Guppies can tolerate a wide range of temperatures and are robust, they are considered perfect for the beginners. 

Distribution and Habitat

Guppies have become one of the most fascinating livebearer aquatic animals. Today they are popular among breeders as well. They are widely distributed and can be found dwelling in small pools to large streams. Basically, guppies are the habitant of The Netherlands, Antibes, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Brazil, Guyana, Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, the U.S Virgin Islands, and Venezuela. Today, due to their temperature tolerant and robust nature, they can be found in all the places. 

Temperature: As already said, Cobra Guppies can tolerate a wide range of aquarium conditions that also include temperature. However, it is always advised to maintain the temperature under the tolerable range between 24 and 28 degrees centigrade. 

Water Condition: Water conditions include the salinity or pH and hardness of the water. Although Cobra Guppies can tolerate temperature under diverse range, the perfect range for survival is always recommended for healthy fish. pH is recommended to be between 7 and 7.5, and hardness should be 250 to 300 ppm. Slightly hard and alkaline conditions ensure good growth and happy guppies in the tank. 

Breeding: Cobra Guppies fascinate the breeders as their vibrant colors and finnage could give another set of colorful and lively guppies. They are popular among the breeders for selective breeding that have resulted in variations of amazing colorations. 

Feeding: Cobra Guppies can feed one a variety of foods that include live food like plants, algae, micro worms, etc. you can also feed them baby brine shrimp, daphnia, and vinegar eels. It is important to provide enough food to the guppies, or else they start feeding on their young ones. From egg yolk to ground flake and liquid fish food, they can feed on anything. 

Lifespan: Cobra Guppies can live up to 2 years when well-fed under suitable water conditions. Although due to the robust nature, Cobra Guppies can survive in varied conditions, it is important to have all the parameters within the range to avoid any ill effects on them. When all the conditions are preferable, Cobra Guppies can swirl happily for 20 to 24 months in the aquarium. 

Did You Know?

Guppies fascinate the breeders due to their exotic color and fin variations. Breeding has resulted in developing fancy guppies that bring more liveliness to the aquarium. 

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