Mixed Guppies - Male

Mixed Guppies - Male

Cobra Guppy

Cobra Guppy

Half Black Guppy

SIZE: 1 inch

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Overview: Justifying their names, they exactly are a mix of black and dark blue color in the other half of their body and metallic silver-grey in the front half, which makes them “Half Black Guppy.” However, their front half of the greyish-silver part also gives a hint of multi-colors. The half black guppies belong to the species of Poecilia reticulata and are also known as Million fish or Fancy guppy. Half black guppy is extremely peaceful, hardy, and highly energetic fish. They should be kept in “guppy’s only” tank because their long tails and fins could tempt other tank mates, and if they get continuously attacked, it is tough for them to survive. The male guppies are smaller and female guppies are larger. Also, the male guppies are brighter in coloration than the female guppies. The fully grown half black guppies are usually 5 cm in length.

Distribution and Habitat: Half black guppies are perfect for the beginners and can easily dwell in a freshwater community aquarium. The tank mates for guppies should be chosen wisely; otherwise, they don’t flourish well. The half black guppies can easily tolerate changing conditions of the tank and require at least 20 gallons of the aquarium in size. The guppies are naturally found in northeast South America, and they prefer places like plants and a mix of rocks to hide under them.

Temperature: Though half black guppies can survive wide water parameters, it is always advisable to keep them in the water with temperatures ranging from 16 to 28 degrees Celsius.

Water Condition: Half black guppies are tolerant of small changes in water parameters, but care should be taken to check the pH and nutrient levels. The pH level of water is recommended to be between 5.5 and 8.

Breeding: The female guppies can give birth to 200 fries at a time, which typically ranges between 30 and 60. For reproduction, a water temperature of around 22 – 26 degrees Celsius is preferred by the half black guppies. If the adult guppies are well-fed, they will not eat their fry, but it is always advisable to remove the adults from the water tanks after the newborns have been delivered, or you can also have a breeding box to protect the fry from the adults. Guppies breed easily; they do not require extra care for them to breed.

Feeding: Half black guppies are omnivorous. They usually feed on remains of the algae, mineral particle, plant bits, and aquatic insects' larvae. An algae-based flake food dried frozen bloodworm, and brine shrimps can be a full and proper diet to the guppies.

Life Span: If the guppies live in favorable conditions accompanied by peaceful tank mates, and if fed proper nutrition food, they can live up to 1.5- 2 years maximum.

Do you know?

Guppies are known as Million fish as they reproduce faster and can produce many fries at a time.

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