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Galaxy Blue Tail Guppy

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Galaxy Blue Tail Guppy

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Overview: Galaxy Blue Tail Guppy, as the name indicates, is a blue-tailed beautiful guppy fish that has developed after years of selective breeding. The striking blue, green colours in the body makes this guppy fish look extremely adorable. Males show the blue, green colour in their entire body and fins, and females are also exceptionally colourful. Just like other guppies, Galaxy Blue Tail Guppy is also peaceful in nature and least demanding. Whether it is about water parameters, feeding habits or tank mates, this guppy fish can adjust and acclimatize with no hustle and bustle. However, for Galaxy Blue Tail Guppy to exhibit vibrant colours, it is important to keep them under suitable water conditions and give them proper nutrition. 

Distribution and Habitat: Guppies are indigenous to southern North America. However, most of the variants of guppies, including Galaxy Blue Tail Guppy, are tank bred after years of careful selective breeding. Guppies love to explore the upper layers of the tank. So, you can find them often swimming around on the topmost layers of your aquarium. With swimming, Galaxy Blue Tail Guppies have the habit of jumping too. Therefore, it is advised to secure the tank with a canopy, lid or hood to prevent fatal escape. 

Temperature: 18 to 28 degrees Celsius is the suitable temperature range. Although guppies can tolerate varied temperature conditions, keeping them in the rage will ensure their good health and attainment of true colours. 

Water conditions: pH should remain from 5.5 to 8, and the hardness of the water should not go beyond 30 dKH. There are no special lighting requirements. The minimum tank size should be 10 gallons. You can keep the guppies alone or in groups. Galaxy Blue Tail Guppy is peaceful in nature and prefers to live with peaceful tank mates. 

Breeding: Guppies are livebearers. Breeding guppies is pretty easy that even beginners can try. It is the reason why most of the varieties of guppies that are in the aquarium trade are developed after careful selective breeding. However, you need to have a separate breeding tank and breeding box for furnishing breeding. It is because the adults eat up the fry. 

Feeding: Galaxy Blue Tail Guppies are omnivorous. It means you can give them varieties of food that are algae-based and meat-based. High-quality fish flakes and fish pellets are their favourite food. Apart from these, you can also give vegetables to guppies. With a proper diet, the fish attains size 6 to7 cm; wherein females are larger in size than males. 

Lifespan: In general, guppies live for 3 to 4 years when provided with proper diet and water parameters. It ensures that their immunity will remain stronger and they do not come under stress. 

Do you know: Vibrant multi-coloured markings in males and females make Galaxy Blue Tail Guppies extremely adorable. They can easily add aesthetic and exoticness to any ordinary tank. 

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